The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Time flies when you slack.

But then, I suppose that is partly the point. Rather than deal with the drudgery that is work we do something completely different to get our minds away from it. This is an active attempt on the part of the human consciousness to repress in the exact sense that Frued meant. That is, we try to do something to else to forget completely about that which we are ignoring.

Freud was wrong.

Repression was wrong. Completely wrong. He said that we could wipe from our memories everything about events and such. Were that possible, we would never be able to pull those memories back at all, because by definition they no longer exist. Besides, were it possible I don't think Uncle Blacky would ever get anything done, ever.

The problem I have with slacking is that I have trained myself (ever since freshman year in high school when I missed a few papers in the same week) to always run through my schedule at least once an hour. I compulsively remember my schedules. Today, I felt so guilty because I didn't go to the library because I didn't really have anything to do (there's always something else to do). At least at work I can faintly believe that I don't have to do project work. After all, working Pearson's has sooooo much resPONSibilty to it that couldn't dream of doing anything but (ever seen The Hours? It's really damn good). Will I work tomorrow? Heh. Why work when Arcanum has a well programmed throwing skill that includes boomerangs.

So, what does this tell us? Meta-thought is a bitch. Meta-thought is a secondary consciousness that we all have. It's the thing that makes us scream out a name of something that we have been trying to remember all day. It's the thought behind the consciousness, that which we have no controil over it (as much as some people loath it, we do have some control over the conscious minds [sex!]). The idea that we can get ourselves to "not" think about something by telling ourselves to "not think" about it. It is inherently faskse to tell us not to think about x because we must by definition think about x in order to not think about it.

What am I thinking about now? I'm thiniking how Old School is even better when I noticed that they drive the A-Team van at the beginning of the hazing scene. Now I'm thinking that Andy Dick is so gay and he's doing a scene teaching women how to give B.J.s.

I think I like bad movies way too much. Now, I need real pants for frisbee golf. Not sure precisely what this journal came from.

Did I even make a point?

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