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Station. Yes, just like Bill and Ted, in fact.

I'm meandering towards the dark side. I've started writing debug routines to test code; that is, I'm writing little snippets of code to be called by code I'm testing to, you know, test the code.
It's vicious doing this. Namely, should I get my code tested? Should I worry that I don't really know what I'm doing and am causing <NOLINE> (missing tags) and <SUBSCRIPT> (missing or bad data in global node [think like a piece of an array]) errors to appear in the error log?

Well, frankly, I'm excited that my initials (wjr, because the routine is named "test^XWJR") appear in the error log previously reserved for bad developer bugs. When a QAer produces errors of that sort... well, he's just a go-getter trying to do things Above His Station.

Twistedly satisfying.
(and annoying having to debug a debugging routine because, you know... not a programmer...)

Have I mentioned recently I have a liberal arts degree? And I'm coding things? What?
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