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Stuff. Like gold, this stuff is.

I've run into my first real anything Apple annoyance.

I bought iWork 08 yesterday so I could edit some spreadsheets today during my day of meetings - the day I occasionally bitch about because I lose 6 hours to meetings (An excellent drain on productivity).

So, I extracted a large amout of data to analyze from the testing environments. All told I have 6 sheets each with 11,000 lines of data to review. Apple Numbers doesn't respond well when doing anything with this quantity of data. In fact, if I try to, say, compare one sheet to another side-by side by cutting and pasting data into a single sheet, it freezes a bit. Very uncool.

I needs my response time, durn it.

It also sucks it up when searching said 11,000 lines for a specific data point. Lamexors. hopefully the speed will increase with an update or when I get Leopard, which I'm absolutely doing next month.
Tags: apple, excel, mac, not chickenwings, numbers, speed, spreadsheets, work
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