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The Smell of the Old World

The Money Shot
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Well.... my bag finally arrived. It is easily the prettiest bag I have ever owned - maybe ever seen. The bedroom is brimming with leather and mink oil scent. It is exquisite.

Opening the box, that initial smell was nigh orgiastic.

And, of course, I have further pictures for you.

Firstly, I added a personal touch. My Clan Nosferatu pin. Aside: I've had this pin for 7 years. Neat.

The front clasps with three leather belts and buckles. They are resilient and firm right now, standing straight without help.

The shoulder strap connects with thick metal hooks. The springs are strong and the metal sturdy.

Detail of the handle. Inside is a strip of unstretchable nylon so the handle will always retain its shape. Clever.

The large O-ring confused me until I remembered the D-rings on the back, bottom corners of the bag. You can detach the shoulder strap, connect one side to a lower D-ring, run the strap through tis O-ring and connect the remaining end to convert the bag into a backpack.

Yes, that is just cool.

Now, I paid a hefty price for this bag; but seeing it and just smelling it and knowing that this will outlast me, I believe it was worth every cent.

The cats keep rubbing their faces on it.
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