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Overemphasizing the Gentile

I hate the word "flow." I use it too often for it to have real meaning. Why do I "flow?" How, precisely, does one thing or another "flow?" It is a euphamistic concept created by a stupid person the believed that water was a better state of being than humanity - so say I. I am no element, even if I wish to incorporate the "elemental" nature of the I Ching (or was it the Dao) into my household, life (that is a journalist's comma). Parts of me, those that are gray and rife with electricity, say this is incomplete.

There are 118 elements in existence, though fewer in nature. We should take these and build a mysticism. They contain all the properties of natural world and the human force (see the last few elements and parts of the Lanthanid and Actinide series). Perhaps this is too complex? Unnatural? (Only some.) Ancient man, while limited in intelligence regarding elements, didn't try hard enough apparently. Why Fire, Earth, Air and Water? What is Air any way? It's nearly as absurd as Monads. Air, though the oddest concept of elementals, is also the most accurate. Air is simply force, motion of atoms.

If we want to reduce the world to its base make up, Quarks and Leptons must exist. There's only twelve of these. Pagans should worship them in their triune multiplicity - but Technopagans are rare enough for Physicopagans to emerge. When will a mysticism exist for these? As soon as they are less clouded by imaginary mathematics that are so far abstracted that it's nearly philosophy (Leibniz will have the last laugh). When the average person can play with Quarks and Leptons, like he used to with mercury, then will we worship them in the open. Burton Richter laid the ground work for their inevitable worship - charm and strange? Indeed Burton, indeed. I'd say that factions will arise around the neo-spiritual physics revolution led by Mage: The Ascension-esque factions garnering names from the particle names. (I bet Top and Bottom will be rival homosexual factions fighting their given roles).

Daniel Quinn would say, via hairy gorilla, that we already have a mysticism surrounding this. Perhaps, but Leptons and Quarks really are only understood by people like my Sister or Leon Lederman (He's got the idea unless he's presenting Nuclear Fission to my science class). When it doesn't take 12 years of study (that's how long my sister was in college/graduate school - another twelve...)to understand the properties of elemental particles then can we worship as a group.

So, for now, that makes physicists cultists. Me? I'm on the outside calling for a revolution in understanding and an expansion of mystical vision. 12 elements could probably cover so many more concepts will less over lap. How many things does fire represent?

What I really want is a neo-tribal society that has reworked the standard medicine wheel to incorporate 12 directions/dimensions/particles such that I may dance and worship on a whole new expansion of reality. Dodecahedron's may hold the answer. Can you prove that Quarks and Leptons are round?

Edit: So, I posted this in abstractthought. :| They seem none too pleased. Apparently abstract thoght requires extensive research. Is that still abstracted? Does that make it concrete. :) I think I should have said this post, people, is supposed to be both interesting and amusing.

Do you hate me because all this came from my own knowledge? Not from crazy thick books in physics?

Am I a bad person? (rhetorical question, rhetorical question!!!)
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