The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Hospitals suck

We were to come in at 8am for 10am surgery. We got in a touch early. wait until 8:30 for nurse to admit my Dad. 10:30 I storm the nurse's station for an explanation. 11am, nurse gives Dad anti-nausea meds. Prpgress?

11:45 Doc can't be found. He was at a second facility in the ER.
12:15. Doc appears, apologies profusely and gets things going.
1pm, nurse appears with bed and off Dad goes. Surgery starts around 2? Over just after 3.

No, can't see him while in recovery.
wait wait wait.

Still waiting. At least the waiting room has wifi.
I've nearly finished re-reading Watchmen too. Such a good comic.

Doc said, though, that everything went well. He'll probably be mobile tomorrow but should keep it elevated. I'll be staying here at least through tomorrow afternoon but I'm not thrilled about him doing any stairs.

He's going to try to kick me out tomorrow morning, I bet.
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