The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


Well, I'm in Chicago. My Dad fell Sunday morning and snapped or tore the tendon that holds the knee to the quadricep. He needed me to take him into surgery and tend to him tomorrow while he recuperates.

The good news is that he is entirely mobile, just slow on crutches, even though the hospital insists that he Couldn't Possibly Move after tearing that tendon. Clearly they don't understand my father.

Not that he's doing anything stupid. Rather, he's entirely pain free except for soreness in his muscles - as if he'd worked really hard on the treadmill. He mostly needed me to get him bck from the hopital after surgery because he has to go under general anesthesia and wouldn't be able to drive himself home. Note that he can drive too. That's something else the hospital says is Entirely Impossible after breaking a tendon.

Clearly they don't understand my father. He'll probably think the tendons back into place by tomorrow morning.
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