The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


Originally uploaded by ABMann - now with autonomy!
A little apartment building I found just off West Washington. The brinks are really brightly colored and sharp. I liked it, obviously.

I even added this one to my site:

Deciding what goes there is interesting.

This is, yet another, digitally cross-processed and changed to monochrome. Note that I add another color layer on top - generally the dominate, pre-change color. I did that for all the photos I've sent through this sort of processing but wasn't ware of it untik I actively chose red here because I liked the color of the bricks in the original photo. When I checked the rest, indeed I'd selected the dominate color of each photo pre-change. Nifty.

Also - I changed the format a little of - added a background and frame. I'm not sure if I like it versus all black. Thoughts?
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