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I was really enjoying Borat up until the naked fat man butt and nutsack.
yeah. Entirely too much jiggle in this chase scene.

Ah, but the beating with the fisting dildo is really silly.

So. Uh. In other news, I finally have a portfolio. I seem to be missing one of the photos I printed though. It looks nice though. The page dividers are crinkling oddly though. Not sure why.

I also have half a website designed. iWeb works pretty well. I can do most of what I want though the gallery pages kind of suck. I also wish I could do something basic, like insert a table or frame. Eh? It will be good temporarily and I can hand code gallery replacements as needed.

I think I just need to get past the having a site uploaded block. It's another one of those things that's been stalling me - rather I've stalled myself because of it. Gotta push through.

Also, I cooked pot roast tonight. It needed another hour to be fall off the bone tender but was still damn good.
That was some pretty slick kidnapping of Pam Anderson....

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