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Jaunty Chapeau
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So that last post yesterday was um.. blurry. It was Free Burrito Day at the Chipotle on Old Sauk. That was the line of people waiting. In the cold. The 10 degree cold.
We waited too, 'course. The only thing better than a burrito is a FREE burrito. It was totally worth the cold.

I learned something CRAZY about Chipotle though. has a nutrition calculator for your average burrito. A part from being Calorically INTENSE, I learned that the 13 inch tortilla accounts for a quarter of the calories in them - about 300. Buh? That's as much as some of my meals right now. Crazy! So, I hooked up a Burrito Bol with chicken and had an entirely reasonable dinner hitting around 700 calories.

Also, I boughtified a hard case for my iPhone; due to the sleek, sexy, metal casing on the phone I have a tendency to drop it on top of my cats. They do not appreciate this and I fear the day I drop it and there is no spongy, furry beast to provide un-concrete-like shock absorption. Alas, I cannot keep them underfoot every place I go.

Unfortunately I am unable to show you a nifty photo of the case along with some random part of my anatomy, I've taken a picture of my desk Buddha.

He has a jaunty chapeau for your viewing pleasure.
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