The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Backalley secrets

Backalley secrets
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I dislike titling pictures. I fear I'm terrible at it.

    Just a few things:
  • Getting out of bed is hard in the winter.
  • I'm looking forward to work by the time I'm done scraping ice
  • Poe is yowling more
  • I wonder if she's just cold or bored
  • I will be phlogging Saturday after dropping Fox and the airport.
  • Fox is on Flickr now.
  • The Razr has a pretty good camera, all said.
  • Needing to buy a stupid tool kit from Motorola to off-load photos is retarded
  • Using Bluetooth to tell Motorola to suck it is awesome
  • Top Ten searches in 07 compared to 01. More boob, less doom.
  • I realized that only my dad is near by for Christmas since sister moved to Colorado
  • Turkeyburgers = good
  • Turkeyburger with vindaloo curry spice mixed in = gooder
  • Breading and pan frying vindaloo turkeyburgers with breadcrumbs = goodest.

That's all.
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