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Blackberry jam is the major win. I muchly like my lunch of PB&J on my tasty wheat bread I need a breadmaker, however I seem to be doing a good job of racking up bills.

lady_fox and I bought a living room set. A sofa (of God is it squishy) and love seat (oh GOD is it squishier!!!) and three wanna-be-wrought-iron tables. Total cost? $991.97. Hot deal for a hotter set. A-1 Furniture is the greatest. The salesman was helpful. THe acounting guys was better. He figured out the best way for us to pay. The Situation:

We go to store first time on Sunday. Find set we like apply for loan to finance.
Monday: Get rejected for loan, sort of... I have good credit, just not enough. Get Iris to cosign.
Tuesday: Approved for $2k. Take Cats to vet instead of getting furniture. THey have massive flea infestataion that popped up over the last week. Get them all checked, shots, checkup.. Cost - $635...sumfin' 'spensive - but we <3 our cats too much not to get eveyting done.

I drop a $200 check immediately for the Vet bill and lady_fox puts the rest on her card unbeknownst to me at the time. This is either really nice or really stupid - maybe both. I'll give her money next month to help.

Wednesday: Go to A-1 and ask how financing works. Intrest free loan for three months. With a down payment of $200 (this is my standard answer to most money problems "Have two hundred dollars"). So that's 770 or so that needs to get paid off by the end of three months. Doable much unsure. Random loan guy from A-1 says that we can switch things around. Essentially, Iris adn I buy the set a full price (set was originally on sale) plus a 2% added cost because the loan company charges this. instead of three months interest free, we get 6. Final price (see above) ends up being $20-30 more than previous sale price... damn... We do that.

I just needed that fourth month to pay things off in ful. THe loan company would charge me the entire interest if I didn't pay by the end of three months. Lame. So, the second options works plus I get to bolster my credit report and pay it off a little bit slower than expected. Thus, less squeaking by on budget.

This was the last few days of events. Things are good. In 6months I can have the living room set and the new computer paid off in full with minimal/no interest fees. Hottest.

Sorry to bore you with my finances. I couldn''t think of a funny parallel to analyze this against to produce my standard philosopharting entry. This is also a way to organize it in my head better.

Oh; btw. Learned that cats are, indeed, made out of rubber. Electra fell off the balcony. Landed in a bush and is perfectly fine. for the evening she was limping - only when being watched though. She'd run around and play just fine otherwise. This morning she was walking fine... all over my face cuz I slept in the living room (we bombed each room for fleas and last night I bed the bedroom to finish up). Iris bought a cat dancer, which the cats fucking love like it's going out of style. Insane amounts of fun.

Poe is no longer sick. She finally got the rest of wahtever ickyness was in her system out (probably hair ball due to fleas) and is eating fine now. Ginger doesn't like the new diet food - go figure. She she's hardly eating. But, she's on a diet so that'll be ok unless the weight loss gets too rapid. Keeping an eye on her.

All's good. Finally going to haev a place to read! The couch will be delivered on Monday. Monday?! Thant fast. Hotterest. God, this entry keeps getting more boring. I'm really bored at work. But watch me leave at 4:30 just the same >:) Getting lotsa work done today. Finished a realyl cool set of tests on a new function.. blah blah..


PS: I'm a yuppie now, madolan if you still remember that thread. :)

Edit - I've decided that I'd be the best replacement Tom McBride ever. I can be conceited and, as can be seen above, fucking long winded! I love my thinkmeats.

EDit 2 - I think the weekend after couch aqcuisition I"m going to Celebrate by sitting on it as much as possible. And, as I haev realized today, I have still never watched Bubblegum Crisis 2xxx (what numbers?). Therefore, next weekend will be marathon Bubblegum Crisis on my new couch. All are welcome. I'll finally watch the damn thing. I've had the perfect collection for how long? 6 months?

Craving Neon Genesis now.. damn.
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