The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I'm hungry. But I've found the perfect diet: work.

I'm interested in my work. I'm doing fun things. The problem being that I prefer lots of little things, but I've done all the little things at this point. now, I have to tackle the larger, 4-5-6 hour jobs that get dull. The way I work is such that I can't split my attention. When I start things, especially puzzles, I can't stop when one of two situations occur:
1) I know there's a specific problem to resolve and have narrowed it down to about 3 possibilities but I cannot find exactly how to switch these possibilities around.
2)I'm making good progress until a dead stop, usually brought on by the former situation.

If I've just started and hit a wall I can stop without feeling like I'm abandoning everything. I hate abandoning a half completed project. Yes I know that a project is never really abandoned. But if I stop I may forget those little details that got me there. Well, my memory is rarely as bad I I think. There's just a time lag before I recall all the really important, minute details.

When I get engrossed in little things, i often forget how much time I spend on them because my attention keeps shifting. When it's a long project I'll look at the clock occasionally and remember when I started; this makes the project seem even longer. This is why I'm a good manager. I can keep all the piddly things together because I can shift focus easily between many things without missing a beat. I get small things done faster because I'm always engaged. I have workers ADD, but it's not destructive.

This the diet I'm on. I've been going for 3.5 hours with little outside awareness. I hit an end point after many, muchly interesting problems and realized "I'm hungry;" I figure this realization was akin to "Cogito, ergo sum" or some other philosophic nonsense I only purport to understand. I'd much rather data process two computers akimbo (I've been dying to use that word for weeks) rather than philosophize with displaced skulls (google Renee Descartes' skull's history). My mother would call that "philosofarting" as would a gorgeous Swede she and I met at the Lakota Sundance we were at (Her name was Laura, pronounced "Loawra" with a gutteral quasi-french quasi-german "R").

Philosofarting also "philosopharting"
-verb - to philosofart inf
-To speak profusely on one subject in humor or unmitigated stupidity
Example: Gary Cook philospfarted all day about Kant.
(Notice the subtlety that could be either meaning)

Whn I work on projects, I forget to eat. Over last yars's winter break I played FFX-2 for the whole two weeks straight and manged to eat about half a pineapple a day. Mitigating circumstances - lady_fox and I were cleansing ourselves in preparation for a strict diet at the time. So naturally I was eating less, and nothing but fruit. However, half a pineapple a day, if lucky, is a pitance.

Regardless. I think this entry stands avatar to my reasoning. Many sidebrs, tangents and funny quotes. I was going to spend 10 minutes writing to clear my head - clouded from some crazy dilemma's involving Service Areas adn Locations trying to emulate each other. Now I've spent nearly half an hour writing this and it's lunch time. And I have beef barely soup.

What is your lunch today?

assfingers is right
text thingers are the way to go.


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