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St. Bernard's Parish

St. Bernard's Parish
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It is Friday. The task I set for myself today is FAR more complex than previously assumed. I only vaguely have tyhe energy, let alone the desire, to complete it. What drives me is know that, were I NOT to complete it today, I'd ve screwing myself in the long run and, actually, the rest of my QA team. The cascade of delayed development would affect all of us and, most likely, fold reality in on itself thereby destroying everything in existence.

Damn, my job is rough, you know?

Otherwise, I'm good. I HATE the Apple earphones included with iPods/iPhones. I don't like how unsecure they feel as they are designed to rest between the tragus and antitragus (go here for outer ear anatomy). Actually, the buds are designed really well to do this, with the center of gravity pushing the device downward on that space to secure it surprisingly well. Personally, I just don't find them comfortable, rather like something is about to plummet from my head - which is an altogether bizarre sensation. I prefer that something stick into the ear and secure it that way, like the special headphones I bought for the nano. Of course, if you're a technophile as I am you already know that Apple designed essentially a proprietary headphone jack which disallows other headphones without modification or adaption. Lamexors. I may take a knife to my prefer 'phones and whittle me a iPhone friendly casing. Just to spite Apple.

Otherwise, I freakin' love it. I spent much of last night surfing YouTube for human beatboxes.. uh beatboxers? 'cuz, you know, I'm down with the white bot hip-hop. I'm impressed, in general, with the iPhone's sound quality. and I'm still enamored with the Calendar application. I discovered that the time control when setting appointments is designed, well. Perfectly. It is like a cylindrical bike lock, where you roll the numbers for the day of week, hour and minute pieces. It's space saving AND easy to use. Smart.

Ok. I'm done prattling on about the best gadgeet ever created by man.

Photo: St. Bernard's Parish in Middleton. It is a pretty building and I was able to capture a beautiful sky around the crosses with my ultra wide lens.

yes, I did dodge the cross a bit. it looks more obvious in the web upload than it did in my edits; I'm still learning what data is lost between Aperture/Photoshop to web. Some photos fare worse than others - this in the "worse" category. Something about green and yellow hues fucks up when I save. Red occasionally too but that happens more with Photoshop than Aperture. Damn long wavelengths.

N... stuff.

Oh and the guy killed by his exploding cell phone? He was actually run over by a coworker. [Yahoo News]. Oops?

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