The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

iPhone FTW! And I'm very tall.

Very, very tall.
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You have no idea how awesome it is that the iPhone can merge calendars.... My Treo freaked out whenever I tried to sync multiple calendars onto it. I'd end up with piles of duplicated contacts which would KEEP duplicating when I'd sync again. Like all day holidays, I had 9 entries for Independence Day when I first synchronized all my calendars.

The iPhone is smart enough to determine duplicate entries. I can finally manage all my calendars easily and even start using Google calendars again. So cool.

I sound like one of those real People iPhone commercials.

In other news, I've dropped the weight from thanksgiving and there's no more pie. Time to get back on the hardcore calorie restriction. Unfortunately this means another few days to a week of sugar withdrawal. Last time I was cranky and tired for a week, slept like 11 hours a night as my body flushed.

Hopefully it won't be as wicked this time, but I did eat a whole lot of pie this last week....

Photo: Savagely, savagely stole this idea from ralinad. except the tree and vignetting. :) I was at Tenney Park last Sunday and the sun was setting and it was gorgeous.
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