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Lifehack: How to boost your creativity. Kinda neat.

The site say at the onset of the list of ways to up your creativity that people believe that ideas are a zero-sum adventure.

Quote: "If you feel that each idea created limits your ability to create new ideas, you’re output will be only a trickle. The best writers, programmers, designers and idea-generators I know believe that the supply of ideas is endless...."

Seriously? People think that ideas are limited? That seems just ungodly silly to assume to me for reasons I don't quite understand. Creativity isn't some solid entity from which you chip your ideas. Even the word creativity is rooted in create. That ideas are endless is a "duh" notion to me. Maybe I'm weird, though.

One point in particular I disagree with and I think many of you would have opinions on it.
  • Publish Garbage.
    If you are starting out in a new pursuit, you have only one goal: boost creative output. This often means publishing junk until you train yourself to do a better job. Feedback from the world (not self-judgment) is the fastest way to hone your creative flow.

There's certainly truth to getting the shlock out but what do they really mean by "publish?" I don't want people to see the crap I produce but I recognize that, if I don't put it out there, I'm less likely to publish anything at all.

However, I'd expect that if I were to publish crap I'd be taken less seriously when I produce something good. Maybe that's a zero-sum game, that you have a finite quantity of renown that is hindered when you produce crap that you show around. Or that your fame/notoriety plateaus sooner and longer if you have a pile of bad work showing along with your good. That makes some sense. I have some Flickr buddies that only show the best of their work and seem to be much beloved by the community; others, myself included, are mostly ignored even when showing something really good. I wonder if it's people seeing X good work as a fluke through a body of work.

What do you think? Is it worth it to show your weaker work if it helps you put out the better work? Or, because you put out the crap, will it hinder you?
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