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Red Overload

Red Overload
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The main character in DMZ uses a NIKON!

I think I'm terminaly drawn to State street in this town - it is a vortex for me. I started on near Willy St Bikes, wandering about with my camera and ultimately ended up on state even when actively trying to avoid it. As in, I took specific turns to stay AWAY. But, getting lost in the viewfinder, I find myself at Fair Trade Coffee.

Again. With espresso.

Again. Ony trick pony am I.

Otherwise, I had forgotten how fun it is to shoot with my ultra wide. I swapped lenses ths morning after shooting - probably since July - with my 50mm. The 50 is certainly a lovely, lovely lens but the 10-20 is just interesting to shoot with. Lots of fun things to do. Like walk through dirty alleys. :D

However, forgetting ones gloves which one specifically bought to do things like wander in the cold hinders said Fun Things. Oiy.
I also need a long coat/overcoat. Layering only goes so far in Wisconsin.

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