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Funny as a kick to Ronald McDonald's teeth.

I require something, but you cannot give it. Were I to take it from you, you would surely die; falling to death's door because I stripped all your life's worth (while a near orgasmic experience known only to demagoguelocke for me) really would do little for our relationship. How can you fulfill your designation as "friend," or "lover" or "acquaintance" when you are dead? Do not be presumptuous - to presume - I wouldn't believe you if you said you could. No, no you are lying to the darkness. And the darkness has no heart.

I would explain to you that I am not the darkness, but you speak to often... let me finish. I have heart, I can feel. There is no metaphysical barrier between my sensation and comprehension. I am aware of all things, more than the darkness... Yes, I do dwell on it - I do so hate the word "harp" - instruments shan't be tarnished by inconveniently lacking English language (I also dwell on the insufficiencies of language - you should read me in french). But, you see, the darkness is all I know. Hemmingway, was it hemmingway?, wrote Clean well lighted place and, I suppose for rhetorical value, harped on darkness, nothingness, nihilism. It was a loathsome story. I much prefer The Long Dark Tea Time for the Soul. Yes, that is Douglas Adams. He is excellent entertainment - nothing serious with the exception of Mostly Harmless which was a tragic way to end a series of books.

He gave up. The ending of each book preceding it was well crafted, hilarious. But the end of the end was villainous in it's syndrome - I can use nouns any way I choose. The sickly, dying pup was at it's end and Doug (a romanticize I knew him intimately) put it down with about as much emotive power as a brick has - he would appreciate the imagery.

Endings are as important as anything else, even if you end with a string of "nada's." Emphasis can be a good thing. Yes, emphasis can be congruous to a story's situation. It is the author's place to understand that place. No, I don't know where that point is - if it has ever existed for me. Yes, existed implies some active part of the story - at least it should. All the best writers claim the characters visit them at speak the tale. I knew one man that said characters drive the story - he just published an exemplary book about children in Alabama called The Weatherman - but he only taught me half of what I know.

The other half? It's a darkness in my life ( it's all right to laugh). He was a jackass that taught me to be his carbon copy. I got the last laugh by not writing like him... I hope. Chances are he and his illegitimate son are gaily gallivanting to my torment. No, he hasn't written fiction. Were he to do so it would be even more incomprehensible than William Gibson on peyote.

No, I don't write fiction. I write poetry. I'm no good at fiction... what? hat do you mean you're leaving. What I have said is just as valid. No, it's not acceptable to laugh at this moment.

Fine. Go. I don't need you anyway....

Your heart has more darkness than I need. Does that mean you feel more than the darkness, or none at all because you are so filled.
Hmmm. Musings.

I don't claim
to understand where this shit comes from.


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