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Nikon - the best cameras ever - lens for sale

OH NOES! I spilled Equal on my desk. It's going to GET TEH CANCERS!
I'm really enjoying the current XKCD series.

For sale: Sigma DC 18-200mm telephoto zoom lens, 3.5-6.3f NIKON bayonet.

Information from the website:

  • Exclusively designed for use with digital SLR cameras featuring APS-C size image sensor.
  • High zoom ratio 11:1.
  • Compact, Lightweight and Durable construction with diameter of 70mm (2.8"), length of 78.1mm (3.1") and weight of 405g./14.3oz.
  • Lens has Metal Mount.
  • Minimum focusing distance of 45cm (17.7") at all focal lengths.

This high zoom ratio lens is exclusively designed for digital SLR cameras and capable of covering a wide range of focal lengths from wide-angle to telephoto. Two Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass elements and two hybrid aspherical lenses offer the utmost correction for all types of aberrations, and enables this extended range super zoom lens to be housed in a compact and lightweight construction of 70mm (2.8») diameter, and 78.1mm (3.1») in length, and weighing just 405g/14.3oz. The new lens coating reduces flare and ghost, which is a common problem of digital cameras and also creates an optimum color balance. This lens has a minimum focusing distance of 45cm (17.7») at all focal lengths and has maximum magnification of 1:4.4.

I've had it less than a year. It's a great lens but I never use it in my photography. No blemishes outside a small scuff on the lens cap. Zoom is fluid and the zoom lock works very well. The AF is a touch loud but that seems to be the standard with some of Sigma's lenses

MSRP: $600
Asking: $400 but I'm negotiable.

20% of NYU stuidents would trade freedom for iPods. [Gizmodo]
Title is my crazy interpretation of the results. CRAZY.
Original article
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