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Well. Taking pictures of fire breathers is an interesting experience. jinxedkisses looks hot when doing it for sure - no pun intended. And I really, really wnt to learn how to do it.

My camera needs an exposure setting for "fireball." Most of the shots turned out really well though. Some focus issues - I was running on manual and pre-focusing because auto-focus would prevent me from snapping the sequences exactly when I wanted - my camera requires focus before it fires when in AF. I kept stepping out of my focal zone. Silly, but only lost a few of the shots I took.

Cool stuff. Though, I don't really like posting the photos this way. It emphasizes the action more than i prefer. I think that as a group they work really well but I'd prefer they be scrutable as separate pieces. I'd hang them framed individually but in close proximity. The medium really requires posting as a close-knit group lest the image become huge were I to try to space them as I'd prefer.

This weekend was awesome except for the exhaustion yesterday. Stupid loud neighbors preventing sleep. But we did stay out until 3. So... It did make for poor planning and a mad dash to finish both chickens by 7. Mostly pulled it off in spite of having slow brain.

The Samhain dinner went well with only a few issues. I'm not going to mention them in case no one else noticed. :)

The chicken was great though. As were many, many of the dishes brought by other people.

Today was day of slack and comics. I picked up a random smattering including Fell by Warren Ellis. I'm absolutely hooked.

Bah. No more typing. Too much water and caffeine. Must pee.


So Fell is a detective story set in Ellis' fevered little prefered workd - the world in which I think he actually lives. It is populated with weird people akin to the denizens of Transmet on dramamine. It is gritty and funny and weird and dark. I like it quite a bit. Best part is that each issue is a self contained story. Crazy! I'm absolutely going to pick up the other books and try to get it regularly when I find its release schedule.

I also picked up Fray which is a Joss Whedon book st in the future of the Buffyverse. I've not started it yet but I'll give anything Whedon a pass. Through it I also found that the first TPB of Buffy Season 8 is coming out on Wednesday. Gonna ave to pick that up too. Yay comics.
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