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Pent up something. - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Pent up something.

What is this?

When I tell you that enough is enough, would that matter?
Would you say that
falling down a small hill is beter
than me pushing you off a building
just to watch the crater form? Secretly,
or not so secretly, I wud kill you for a dime.
I only tell you these things because I care
because I want you to know
that standing next me
on the bridge waiting for the next train
is only safe for me
because I can react faster than you.
Rage, crystalized rage, like rock candy is the blunt force trauma
for children running into the street
for a red, bouncy ball. I favor the ball
a ruber resilience that I wish you had.
Will you bounce from the right height,
losing %10 percent of your hieght
while Mr. Wizard seeks a new Timmy.
I didn't meet to drop the bowling ball
on your head. Well, maybe I did. But, I'll tell you waht
it was only so I can molest you in private.
Honsetly? You're screams were getting
to be quite trying. Just deal.
It'll al be over soon.
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