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Survival Horror

I'm on a survival horror kick. I picked up The Walking Dead last night while wandering through Capital City Comics. It is... mediocre. The author (Robert Kirkman) is very bad at building suspense. He blundred through a number of potentially dramatic moments with nonsensical dialouge and OHNOITISINTHECLOSET moments. I'm only barely interested in reading the next two books because I really dig the art.

Anyway. Anyone out there know so good, creepy survival horror comics worth a read? Note that comic art is a big deal to me. For example, Lost Girls, which is a really compelling story, falls flat on me because I HATE the art. I also hate Alex Ross. I want my comics surreal with a touch of camp. :)

Anything like that?
Are the Silent Hill comics any good? Those games were amazing.
I'm also thinking this [amazon] would be amazing.

Apple release record profits and sales for this past quarter -something like 30% higher than original projections and the highest on record for the company.
The stock jumped 6 percent to 185.5 per share subsequently.

i have now earned more than 100% return on my original Apple purchase. :) yay!
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