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Iron Chef America

    A few silly reasons I love Iron Chef Batali:
  1. He bear hugged a 100 lb halibut to his table by himself
    (It took the challenger AND his sous chef to get one).
  2. The he hacks the head off with two hearty shots from his cleaver.

The look in his eye was priceless. :)
    Other cool things from the weekend:
  • Fun stuff at shortcakeness with nifty people.
  • Hot ladies at graydancer's.
  • Doubling my ripped movie collection because Cake's fiancé's insane movie collection.
  • Very nice, well fitting new clothes (I thought I looked good on Saturday).
  • Nice, quiet Sunday to myself as the ladies are out partying.

You know, the quite is nice for a touch but gets a little old after six hours. I'll have to plan better and actually find people not going to Sabbat de Sade next time.. ur, if that's possible given my friends.

Scale tells me: 182.6
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