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I spent from... oh 6 to 10 last night playing Sims 2. it was glorious. And I hate to admit that I spent at least an hour of that making myself and Poe into Sims. The former was far harder as the face molding tool doesn't allow for enough granular control to, say, pull out the bridge of one's nose after applying some template features. The latter is INSANELY detailed. I was able to get nearly every stripe on Poe right minus seal points for her tail.

So.. if writing about the monotony of a day is dull, is writing about the monotony of the Sim Day extra boring? Metaboring? Or does it come around the bend into interesting because it's me but not me?

C'mon. You want to know that my Sim has the life goal of owning five businesses. That I could have gotten 2500 aspiration points for selling the cat. That he really wants money more than love.

Yeah. You want to play too; I can tell. How many points on the serious-playful spectrum do yo fall? You can tell me, baby.
Tags: computer games, games, giant waste of time, metaboring, metalife, not chicken wings, sims 2, sims2
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