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And now, a zany face

And now, a zany face
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This past weekend is dedicated to the Forces of Awesome.
    A quick list of nifty things:
  • New lamp.
  • Fun play party Saturday night, which included..
    1. A nifty heart-shaped tie on lady_fox (photos forthcoming)
    2. Demonstration of jeffreyp's St. Andrew's Cross.
    3. Finally got to meet the attractive megwyn.
    4. More time with the photogenic cats. :)

  • New pants as I've shrunk out of my current pants already.
  • I found the twin to our raffle-won nightstand. (Yay!)
  • Breakfast with smed.
  • quincidence's birthday party.
  • Seeing tandu and slavetopurple for the first time in months.
  • Meeting a new, very nifty pointnopoint.

Many things. Still managed good downtime to continue the media center conversion and entirely too many video games.

I did, amongst the activities, have a revelation this weekend. My activity level is directly related to my confidence which is, moreso than previously though, directly related to my weight.

As much as I want to believe that isn't the case, it is. I've lost about 8 pounds in the last twoish weeks since starting the crash diet I'm on. I already look better in a lot of my clothes and bought smaller pants. It's remarkable, really, the difference I feel. I'm more willing to go to play parties, more willing to display my rope work, more apt to snag candid photos, and more likely to chat up the attractive people.

Finally, which is an especially intriguing and twisted aspect of my psyche, I am more attracted to other people when I feel more confident. Yeah, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I suspect it has something to do with feeling worthy of attraction and thereby allow myself to BE attracted to someone else; which, in turn, creates a neat-o positive feedback loop.

Anyway you look at it, though, the difference is palpable - Fox certainly noticed this weekend.

While I'm frustrated that I'm not confident normally I'm certainly pleased I noticed this link; plus, the boost in confidence, once linked to weight loss, is a ludicrously powerful reinforcement to my annoyingly restrictive diet. And that my psychology works like this is a touch cock-eyed. Ah well.

I also felt comfortable turning the camera on myself again. Therefore, you get my funny mug above. Nyaa.
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