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Painting for Peace

Painting for Peace
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Oh man, I'm so behind on DDR games. There's Extreme 2 and Supernova, both allow online competition and tracking of statistics.
Why did I not know that SuperNOVA had David Bowie music??

And SuperNova 2 released three days ago. I have so many DDR games to get. Geez.

Bes is doing fine. Looks like big Fish just has rip issues. I reworked my TV's display scheme and it cut back on most of the noise and pixelation. All the other rips look rather nice so far. I'm going to rip my collection and ten give another go at converting the lot of them to smaller sizes. I figure I can rip them now, get another drive to which to write the converted files and save myself the need to backup everything. Seems faster.

Note to geeks: Best Buy is selling WD MyBook external drives (1TB) for about $200. Get 'em while their hot.

Today is a day sans focus. Don't want to do anything....
RE: Sexy internet girls. (SFW)

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