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Before I lay me down to sleep...

Godsmack was teh awesome.

I'm tired from obsessing over the comic last few days.

I have questions for you people:

Is there something in the way I write my journal that precludes comments? Is it that I don't respond to them?
Is it that very few people read this? I'm curious. I was hoping for a bit more excitement from you guys over my comic. Many of you that, I think, read this know I've been trying to do one for the last two years. Also, I finish a book of poetry and get little. I mean, I write here a lot because it's the best way to keep in touch with many of you. Is it just that, over all, you guys aren't a comment-y bunch?

Ah well. I still love ya! :) (seriously, I do)

I'm going to catch on sleep if I can get this picture out of my head regarding nuns, godsmack and Lunch Money. Just when I figure out that I can, in fact, be a graphic artist as I have only dreamed I'm plagued with images and settings and the comic that won't let me sleep!

Le sigh. Night!
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