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In begins...

Well, gentle readers. I have succeeded where I have failed before. But today, with the support of a lovely photographer and the strength of my newly evolved creative abilities - I have done it.

I present to you my newest project:


When I say evolved, I think I mean sudden influx. Not only have I been able to write the comic, but do the layout, web design and write an original story.

I write, design, and photoshop.
lady_fox edits, photographs and keeps the setting/story/plot line straight (that's editing, right?)
Updates Mondays, ideally.
I'm speechless.

For now, it resides on Steve's server until I buy webspace.
Anybody know any good hosts?

Meet my graphic novel, serialized for webcomic stardom.
Play nice.

PS: Thanks to graye for use of the picture that became the chapter page's focus.
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