The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

No Reservations

In between packing, exercise and ubdoing exercise with pizza, I've been waching the Travel Channel's No Reserverations Labor Day Marathon (all caps). No Reservations is Anthony Bourdain's food show. He travels the world, like everone else, and eats all the local favorites, like everyone else.

I think I've discovered a few things that I really like about Bourdain that none of the other travel people do.

  1. He actually enjoys the crazy loval food, like pickeled rattle snake whiskey - whiskey where they keep a dead rattlesnake in the jar with the whiskey.
  2. He hates having to go to established restaurants.

For the first, he went for seconds on the whiskey.

For the second, he truly prefers to et at the random side stands and dark aley bistros that most other people avoid. He is usually snarky, insulting and pissy in "real" restaurants but he smiles and laughs when he's eating at the little food stands or dives. All of the other travelers? They're releived to eat at the established places.

I think its for the latter that I rather like Bourdain more than any other of the wandering foodie shows. He is gleeful to eat at the small places.
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