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Brownie Hawkeye (with flash!)

Brownie Hawkeye
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Antiquing with ghent_the_cynic and alyska was lots of fun yesterday. The Columbus mall is ludicrously big. We were there for four hours with a break in between 2 hour sessions for lunch. We were all still really tired when we finished and were darn happy that the other antiques shops weren't open because that would have been too much.

However, there was one shop that randomly opened after lunch. It had large piles of overpriced camera equipment. Some of it in great shape, but way over priced. Alyska wanted to purchase a box and instructions to compliment a Kodak six-twenty(not exactly the same camera) she'd purchased earlier at the antiques mall. The guy was asking 20 dollars for the box and instructions. guh?? No thanks when she'd already paid 22 for the camera.

I purchased a Brownie, pictured in this entry. It is in fantastic shape, came with the flash and a good flash bulb. It also had the "macro" attachment sitting on the lens which I didn't even notice until I got home. The shutter fires just fine and all the switches and knobs adjust. The whole package? 8 bucks. Not bad. :)

I disassembled it this morning. The lens was a little clouded but a quick once-over with warm water and a lens cloth and it is good as new. While I was in there a reversed the lens; that makes the focus fall off dramatically from dead center. See photos here for examples.

Now, just to find some 120 film, Too bad everything is closed today.

Otherwise? I have to wasj clothes and pack today. I fly out to San Marcos (sans rangefinder :() at 6am tomorrow. I have, unfortunately, a mandatory training session at 4 that evening in San Diego and this haven't quite enough time to do lots of really neat things Tuesday evening. I am not sure what I'll do just yet. Certainly not drive to my hotel to check in because I'd have just enogh time to do that, get food, and drive right back to San Diego for the meeting.

Maybe I'll find some 120 film and test drive the brownie. :)
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