The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

This kicks ass. From The Madison Peak Oil Blog:
Borrow a portable energy meter.

Accurate and easy to use, these plug-in meters work on any standard 120-volt electric appliance. Use one to:

+ Measure voltage, electricity cost and electric consumption.
+ Find out the exact operating cost of various appliances, from refrigerators to lamps and computers.
+ Identify the potential causes of high energy use.
+ Predict your savings in reducing appliance use.
+ Calculate the payback for replacing older equipment.
+ Discover how much power some appliances draw even when switched "off;" i.e., "phantom power."
Borrow a portable energy meter at no cost from your local public library. MGE has donated many of these meters to area libraries. Usual checkout period is two to three weeks but varies with the host library. Because the meters are popular, you may want to reserve one ahead of time.

More details.
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