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Nikon released a big pile of new, sexy gear. I'm especially impressed at the 14-24mm lens that maintains 2.8f through the whole range. That must be some impressive engineering.

I dropped film for processing yesterday. It should be ready today. :) And The Camera Company on Odana chemist is fine running slides through C-41 for me. He says the effect to the chemical baths is so minor that it shouldn't make a bit of difference. I purchased some Fujifilm Velvia 100f which cross-processes to these tonal ranges.

alyska - would you be willing to split the cost of developing the Lomo film with me since you took 2/3rds of the photos? I can get you the pictures when next we go to the Farmer's market of Fox helps you with the studio.

I'm going to go old camera hunting this weekend. Check antique stores and second-hand shops. ideally, I'd like to find a Lomo on the cheap. I doubt that I'll find any cameras though. Seems people snatched up all th used cameras when the Diana made a resurgence, and other toy cams, in the 90's. So, we'll see. Antiquing is fun in general, though.

Photo: lqqkout lookin' all emo as he inspects some of his knots. it's the hair in the face.

Second to lastly: I had a conversation on Sunday about David Bowie's area. What was that about? I think it involved icons and/or websites.

Lastly: Happy birthday thegman169!
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