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Hair of Fire
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OHMIGOD her hair is on fire!
First of the best shots from lqqkout's suspension of lady_fox at GRUE. There are many more to come as I took 350 or so photos. Still annoyed that I keep forgetting to increase the ISO when shooting in low light.

Sure, ISO 200 ensures crisp, grain less exposures but having to take a burst of shots because of camera shake is lame. Ah well.

Yesterday I finished my first roll of Supersampler film and I intend to drop it off, along with the roll of Lomo photos alyska and I split from her lending of said Lomo to me, today. I'm excited though the worry that none of the shots came out on the former. Having no view finder and only a vague idea of how much light need for a proper exposure (lots of sunlight) sucks. I did at least find that each lens is 20mm; as I own a 10-20mm lens currently, I can actually figure out the proper distance to catch whatever shot I intend. Regardless, it should be really nifty. :)

The next rolls i buy will be slide film. The Walgreen's on Whitney is happy to process slide film in C-41 for me. I think the chemist only vaguely knew what i was asking but when I told him he'd just have to run the film as normal, and ignore the color shifts, he was fine with it.

I think I'd prefer the Camera Company do it though. They offer a few extra add-ons like a white border on 35mm film exposures that I really like on cross-processed slide film. They do charge a bit more but they're more likely to care about the films and proper exposure, plus could likely push an extra stop or two in the chemical baths for me, as well as disregard some of the more.... racy photos I could potentially take. Support local business. Yay!

yay manual cameras! And the weirdly archaic use of film. :P

Otherwise, all is well. My team agreed that they could likely get all their work done by Friday and spent next week trailing people to finish things up by the 30th deadline. It is nifty.

Poor lady_fox has developed a cold from the late nights and stress of the last week and week end I think (not bad stress, mind). Good thing she has Wednesdays off. She's going to sit home and read the HP books finally.

Lastly: Gladys wants to be my MySpace friend! Hooray!

Really lastly: Anyone know where to get 35mm slide film in town? I suspect Camera Company will have it, and I emailed them already, but in case they don't where else would?
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