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I'm in such a fantastic mood

The following things have made me happy today:

1) Waking up to Alton Brown making tasty Mayonnaise.
2) Coming up with fun web page designs with which to play around.
3) Cold Glass Nickle pizza for breakfast.
3a) Glass Nickle offering more topping per centimeter than crust (this, sadly doesn't happen often enough)
4) Worf saying, "Assimilate this!" to Borg infiltrators.
5) Finding Macromedia Studio 2004 on the Rincewind server.
6) Learning that Studio has all the fucking amazing tools I need to make those web pages.
7) Saving $900 dollars because of Steve's server.
8) Having the ugliest Sims 2 characters ever. (I'll post a screen shot later)

And I've only been up for an hour and a half.
Today looks to be a glorious day.
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