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Smashy facey.

Some Suburban Fire
Originally uploaded by ABMann

I park like an idiot.

I have "Rhinestone Cowboy" stuck in my head. It's my own fault for making the icon, I suppose.

This weekend was OK. Saturday Fox and I had a "picnic" "out"side where we "ate" nice cheese, fruit and good wine all day while watching "Deadwood" like "lazy" people. It was glorious. We didn't get very far for... distractions that tied us up. Ah well. I guess we'll just have to finish season three later.

Sunday. I failed to do any thing useful beyond getting a haircut. No reading at Barrique's because some guy was eating so damn loudly that I could here him everywhere. For note, one of the few things I cannot tolerate is like smacking and open-mouth chewing. Seeing or hearing that makes me want to grab people's faces and yell, "DIDN'T YOUR MOTHER TEACH YOU BETTER???" and then knee them in the teeth until they have to eat through a straw. I recognize this is ultimately a grossly exorbitant punishment for the fault; I just don't care. Hate food sounds. They make me nauseated.

We did go for a nice quick walk around the neighborhood. One thing i hate about apartment living is that the "neighborhood" is ultimately devoid of "neighbors" because people stay in their houses all the time. I don't get it. Do people not sit outside ever anymore? I don't care how hot it is, porches get breeze and shade. Go read a book in natural light, yo.

I should talk though. I failed to read on the patio for want of furniture. I even cleaned everything and pulled out the wireless speakers before I realized I had nothing to sit on. Lame. Need to get porch furniture. And maybe a giant umbrella because a south-facing porch is a tad warm.

Still thinking I may skip the late work night tomorrow and go buy a lomo camera on State. And now I'm more interested in the Super sampler and maybe their fisheye -though I am liking the action sequences of the former. The Oktomat and Pop9 have too many frames such that you can't really see the stuff in there. They're supposed to be "mini movies" but You don't actually capture action as well. The sampler at least fakes the progress and seems to have a shutter delay for each lens that you do, indeed, get some different pictures per lens.

Who knows? They all look fun. Actually, do any of you Madisonians know where I can get my film cross-processed? You know, do it for realsies with the wrong chemicals?

And on a sad note, AT&T finally changed over my Treo display. Now it says "AT&T" rather than Cingular. Sigh....
Sunset of the new construction. Cross processed in Photoshop. The vignetting and glare is a "natural" lomo effect coming from exposure compensation.
To cross-process - create a curves adjustment layer. Choose the Red channel and make a slight S curve. Choose the blue channel and move the bottom left point to about the middle of the first box. This makes the shadows blue. Accept. Now create a color adjustment layer. Choose your favorite piss or bile yellow color. Set the opacity to 6% or so and the layer style (on the layer palette) to "Color."

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