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Some sinking feeling - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Some sinking feeling

Some sinking feeling
Originally uploaded by ABMann
Distrusting. Distrustful. Distrusting. i like my face, cat. Stay curled up for just a minute more.

What I did t the original:
Up exposure and contrast in Aperture.
Export to Photoshop.
Duplicate layer. Set layer to multiply.
Gaussian blur to top layer - 8.
Ad a layer mask, reveal all. I painted out the center about her face a touch.
Choose circular marquee. Set feather to 80.
Select her face. Invert selection.
Guassian blur - 10.
Add a curves layer to lighten the midrange and highlights a touch.
Set layer top opacity to to 75ish.

Simple, right?
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