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No.... I'm Doctor Thompson

Yeah. I'm a freak. It just gets worse and worse as time goes on.

You wanna know what makes it funnier? I'm going to wear that shirt to work tomorrow. It's no mohawk, but pretty crazy.
The extender needs a replacement mouth piece because this one was broken when I got it. Laaaame. But you know, it's cool. Nights out... lotsa black. My red hat, red coat and crazy commie cigarette case. I can't lose.

I'm watching Showgirls This is the funniest movie ever to grace the silver scree, though in this case it's more of a white screen. Well.. white floor. But only half white. it's not that good. Why am I watching it, you ask?

Why aren't you watching it?

Godsmack acoustic show at the Orpheum tuesday. I'm told I'm going. First live concert and it's one of my favorite bands. Go me.

My girlfriend can beat up your girlfriend.
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