The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


So, I had a crazy idea at work today.

Blueberry Pesto.
2 cups basil leaves.
2 cloves walnuts
.5 cup walnuts or pinenuts
.75 pt blueberries.
1.5 tbl sugar.
Fat pinch of salt.
Roughly 2/3 cup olive oil.

Set oven to 270 degrees. Spread nuts on pan and toast for 45 minutes (check frequently if using pinenuts.)

Reserve oil.

Add everything else to blender. Blend on slow. Slowlyy add oil until desired consistency.

I did very rough estimates of all these ingridients. i lightly stuffed my 2 c liquid measure with basil from the garden. It was about a fist full of walnuts and a little less than .75 pt of beries. I think more blueberries would be pretty darn good, actually. The subar helps emphasize the berries because the basil is pretty strong.

Note that it does turn an unfortunate brown-blue color but throw it over chicken or tofu and you won't care. It could be much pretties with more blueberries though. :)
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