The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Interview round two. Thanks Fey

1. Without gaming or sci-fi books, what kind of person would you have turned out to be?

You know, I didn't really game until about two months before I got here and the only sci-fi I read was Ender's Game and Contact. They haven't really had that much effect on my life. There are other things that have more solidified my current personality, tenuous as it may be.

Gaming has made it possible for me to adjust to College quicker and giving me a social life, albeit rocky and tumultuous.

2. For my own edification, your general outlook on life. Wait, no, that's too general. Are some people born with supernatural abilities? If so, what, and how do you know? *looks over shoulder*

.... Are you looking at John or Barb? I think people are born with the possibility of superseding reality's boundaries. I fully and wholeheartedly believe that magic exists but not as anyone of the people I know would want it to exist.

I hate to do this, but it's like Cleric magic versus Wizard magic. Faith and rote. I know we can change the world in an "otherworldly" sense through strength of will, not by reading a book (Fucking Silver Ravenwolf). I have seen amazing things in my life that people have done simply because they knew they could do it (Sun dances and miraculous healing).

3. Weasels.

Rabid Monkey Weasels, dammit.

4. Describe your ideal bathroom.

Huh. The shower would have 3 heads on it at neck height so that I may be always wt and warm, with a warm soap jet somewhere. The Shower could double as a jacuzzi for at least 4 people with wall sconces for candles and incense. I'd have a wall mounted Cd player and DVD player in view of any appliance. The Toilet would have warmed seats and would play music when it flushed. The whole thing would be done in burgundy and deep orange.

5. Who would you want to be for a day, and why?

I don't think I'd really want to be anyone else. I have enough problems and a day isn't enough to change the things I want changed with the amount of bureaucracy.

Or GW, so I could kill myself.

6. I'm running out of good questions. At this very moment, what animal do you most want to roast over a spit and eat?

Elephant, simply because it would an amazingly huge spit.

7. As always, the cop-out last question: is there anything you wish I'd asked? ( I stayed away from relationship questions. There are some things I have no need to know.)

At this point, my brain is numb so I'm not sure. Probably.
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