The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Infonography cont.

When we can't trust journalism to be unbiased - this is the elite
electro bitch - a bogged blog devoid of intelligence.
I am not giving Teddy Bears. I bear reality
and I am not jacking in. My psychology cannot handle it -
there I may see you - a future tech blossom. You are digital, a holographic rose fractured
into sixteen pieces and each raped by an uncle until you cry
and post it
for all the world to see.
That's where we're headed. Cyberpunk,
there is no magic. In the wasteland,
fallout goddesses will saunter around
with their jacks open
ready to take what transmission you offer
and just put it out there.
It's information rape. No copyrights.
No crossing go. No collection.
We just lose. Privacy is different
when 1984 becomes a future lusted for.
Information posting
without discretion.

Some links are NOT worksafe.

That's 703 links total. 703 Unique (I tried) links. Search strings were the words containing the link. Try finding unique links for "the" three dozen times and have each makes sense. :)
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