The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Oh computers. How I loath your necessity

On Friday evilevi brought me a new computer for work. Starting at noon on that day I used the Microsoft Migration Wizard (windows + R> Mmigwiz) which moves your settings, desktop and personal docs to a shard drive (or something similar) adn "restores" them on your new machine. Simple, right?

Well, I made two big mistakes when starting the utility.
  1. I forgot that VMWare 5 stored all my active images in my Docs adn Settings folder.
  2. I started this in the afternoon.

First off, virtual machines are VERY LARGE files - multiple gigs of data. Compressing and moving these files would take a ton of work and processor power. Now, I have 7 virtual machines active on my VM each of which has at least 4 snapshots - these are essentually imges of the virtual computer in varsious states of install/app stucture I use to do my job. Meaning that each of my virtual machines is actually many mini virtual machines which maches these VERY LARGE files VERY MUCH LARGER files.

5 hours later and it's only 50% done when I go home on Friday. Yay!

Get to work today and hope adn pray that I can restore everything quickly and do my job. tHe migration wizard finished early this morning from what I can tell. The server systems team wipes the directories we use to migrate our settings every night and my files were still there (lucky, lucky, lucky). So I rearrange my office, install the new desktop and start migration.

It's been going since about 7:30. Sigh. Maybe it'll get dome before I leave today? Maybe I can get work done? I'm currently sitting in a conference room hoping no one has meetings in here today.

In other stuff, this weekend rocked. Saturday was the Epicnic with good steak and lobster. There ws a ton of stupidity involving the bus schedule. But it worked out well enough that Fox and I made it to slavetopurple's birthday debacle in Milwaukee. Crazy mexican food and spies.

There was a fair bit of drama, some coming from me who is completely uncomfortable and disgruntled by loud, obnoxious crowd of drunken bachelorettes. I got much better away from the noise and people later that evening.

The other stuff I'll not get into. But it was a good night overall. Though the gas station donuts sucked. Made me a little queasy.

Sunday, like millions of other peopler, I spent with my nose in HP7. tHis was purely for my own safety. I figured I'd see dozens of spoiler posts and news feeds today, which held mostly true, and I didn't want to deal with that. Yes. Purely for my and your safety was it that I read for 10 hours straight with breaks for food and urination and The Next Food Network Star.

I want to write. I have photos to edit. And have a particular itch. Now just to get out of work alive today and all will be peachy. :)

(yeah, I really dislike the post interface now that I've actually had to use it. It's back to all LJ clients for me when my workstation is ready.)
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