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Harry Potter and the Retarded Cousin.

Barnes and Nobel shipped my HP7 package. It may actually show up on Saturday. :)
yay! I don't have to completely ignore my flist for days while I read the book.
Ok. That's the last I'll do of that.

So I'm working rom Verona today. Apparently the Verona campus now has espresso vendors. There's a guy setting up his kiosk station right outside the office I've stolen. Grinding the beans right now.

I'm starting to feel REALLY neglected on our side of the city. >:| It took them two years to get us artwork for our building and so far I've spotted a total of six pieces. How many outside the office I'm in? 5. And a couch.

Were like the retarded cousin that gets the scraps.

Yes I realize I'm complaining about a lack or art work and espresso vendors when some of you don't have like chirs towork in. Shush.

Deadwood Season 2 = awesome already. 2 episodes in. :)
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