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Photos, ads and other thingers.

More inadvertently, badly placed ads.
Slept decently last night except for general stuffiness.

I got all my project stuff done a day before everything it was due despite one team generally screwing everything up; it got so bad that I spent 20 minutes on the phone yesterday explaining to the tester what they needed to test in their own portion of the code. Note that he has been at the company longer than I.

Though he was really gracious afterward and said he was impressed with my level of knowledge and "that makes things easier." Sure, maybe for him.
I guess I shouldn't fault him. His team takes care of thousands of interfaces and tis one was pretty old. Shrug?

I didn't enjoy Beer O'clock as I had hoped. I did post a few photos of note. I didn't write anything but did read more. I suppose I need only indulge one creative process per night, huh? Don't want to stress myself thinking I should be doing more because I can do more. I've been in that trap before.

I feel good.

Oh yeah. Should I 1) be excited for HP 7 release on Saturday? and 2) Outraged over the scanned version already on-line?
I'm more annoyed that one of my community feeds placed spoilers (which I didn't read) directly on their front page. Thank you for the big ole' Poop! text beside it.

I really like the word "beside."
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