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Explosions rock the atlantic coast
as members of the elite,
the social elite,
experience the simultaneous
realization that they
are, in fact, too good
for the humanity which they denigrate.

The force of this explosion
is so strong that the poor,
covered with silt so old
only Hitler plants could grow
from it, changes their hair white.

Children standing by the roads
in New York, Philadelphia, Boston
are impregnated by the strength
of the effluence issuing
from all the beautiful people.

For some, this will be
the high point - where they are
Rising Stars - but only if
they listen to the press
who pull down six figures
and cannot be outsourced.

It will take cleaners
40 days and 40 nights
to clean up the mess,
which attracts the largest
tentacle beasts ever known
to Hentai who will battle
the timeless monstrosity
of Christian Conservatism
and constricting Parochial uniforms

The Moral Coalition
will be sacrificed first,
each with erections unable to overcome
their own liberal fantasies
and probed orifices.
Followed closely
by the stupid minority
that fought the rest
rather than building monuments
to leadership.

When the detritus is cleared
the world will be spent
and no one will linger
to hold up the next generation.
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