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Running goal update.

1.5 miles of 4. 2 days in of 28.

Felt really bad when I got on the treadmill yesterday so I didn't get too far before I quit. I think I need to run outside in the nicer weather but have to go to the PT to get my back issues sorted before hand. Maybe I'll just throw caution to the wind tonight and try it? Though I recall the discomfort from track running last time which, really, isn't quite the same as outdoor running. Maybe I could run downtown some? That would be fun. And hilly. :)

Speaking of, do any of you run and would be interested in joining me some weekends? I want to run some of the lake trails in the morning and then wander with my camera after lunch and a cool down. Or would anyone want to take up running with a slow, pathetic newbie like me?

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