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Yay things!

It's the day before my three days of vacation. Therefore, I don't want to work too hard. I wil likely be posting randomly all day because it is fun and annoys assfingers.

Barnes and Nobel is lame. In February I ordered a leather-bound edition of HP7. Apparently this is no longer going to be released. I'm trying to get BnN to switch the ordered book to the correct edition and still apply all the crazy discounts I wrangled on the order. I figure if they do that I'll be paying about 10 bucks plus shipping for it. :) Yay Harry Potter. Boo no leather-bound version.
    I'm excited for the following:
  • Cookout with friends.
  • The apricot sauce we're making for said cookout. (among other things. :))
  • Dinner with lovely ladies tonight.
  • Bluephies on the 5th.
  • Tasty scotch or brandy to follow that.
  • Transformers to happen at some point in the next three days.
  • 5 days straight without work.
  • The espresso sitting next to me.
  • The nectarine and plum sitting next to that.

Oh man people... the fruit share this week. Oh my god, so amazing. Best plums and nectarines I've ever had.

You!: Make me icons! I must make use of the "Permanent Account" thingy I know have!
Meme stolen from justphoenix:
1. Go into the archives of your LJ.
2. Find your 42nd entry ever. Yes, this may require some counting and basic math. Deal with it.
3. Link to that entry in a new entry. This is the meaning of your life.
#42 I did a web rune cast for it. Oddly fitting, no?
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