The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Light summer dinner

Main dish:
Ostrich brats pan fried and served with cracked pepper. Serve red in the middle.

Wasabi zucchini mash.

Roughly dice 3 large (5 medium) zucchini and boil. Keep an eye on it, it wil finish realy quickly. test for doneness as you would potatoes.
In a separate pan, cook (turkey) bacon to crispiness with some mionced garlic.
Drain adn mash zucchini.
Add bacon and garlic.
Add about 3/4 cup of plain yogurt.
Add onion powder, salt adn pepper to taste.
Add about a tbl of wasabi. More if you like. :)

Green mint mojito:
Steep four green tea bags in a liter of vodka for two to four hours. (test flavout every hour to ensure you like the strength.
Take 4 mint leaves and place in your palm. Take the thumb of the opposite hand and grind the mint leaves into your palm.
Add to rocks glass.
Add about a tbl of granulated sugar.
Fill with ice.
Add about an ounce of clear rum.
Add about two ounces green tea vodke.
Fill with soda water.
Stir until chilled.
Remove ice and drink.

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