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Sewing question

Sew. I've been looking online for the last few weeks trying to find a camera bag and a better laptop back. It sucks super hard. Nothing is quite right or too expensive. Thus, I've returned to the belief that I should, in fact, just make my own darn bags.

To that end, Fox and I went to Joanne's lst night to get a quick introduction to their sewing machines. Um.. too many options? It's crazy, both the price and the number of options.

So, I'm hoping that many of the sewers in that read my LJ could chime in with recommendations for us.

    In the immedicy, we are planning on making he following things:
  • a rigid laptop and camera bag
  • Various skirts.
  • T-shirts.
  • various clothing repair, like hems and buttons.

The Viking machines that the lady at Joanne's showed us more machine than i think we'd use for a long while. I honestly don't think we need 18 different stitches and variable speeds beyond what the pedal provides. We saw a singer model that looked better, six stitches or so including button holes. But I haven't the foggiest.

Sew help? What is a good entry model that won't drive us crazy when we start making somewhat more advanced clothes/things? We're also hoping to keep tis relatively inexpensive. The Viking models we saw were just under $500. I'm hoping for no more than $300. Less would be nice.

I's tireds. Poe took all my foot space pst my knee. No ability to move means I can't sleep. She also wouldn't get off the bed even when I stuck my feet in her face.

Silly cat.

I leave for New Jersey tomorrow.
Damn Jersey....
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