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Par for the course?

I just did a medical history for my physical today.

Every male besides my half brothers have had a stroke. One died from it (Paternal grandfather). One lost most use of the left side of his body (Maternal grandfather). One had a small stroke with no long term effects (father). I suppose that it lessened over the generations is good but that like every male had one is... disconcerting.

So need to go to the gym today. :)
(I'm really liking running, minus the constant stitch in my side)
The stitch is caused by stress on my liver. No, I don't drink while running. :P Most people start exhaling when they land on their right foot. The full lung coupled with hitting ground with your right foot adds pressure directly to your liver. To remedy, a runner should start the exhale on the left foot.

'm not sure how that's supposed to work. I'm in decent enough shape that I'm taking really long, deep breaths for most of my run. So both the exhale and the inhale span multiple steps. Am I supposed to breathe faster? How about vicodin?

I need a running icon. Yay MS Paint...
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