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Research, Research, Res--Monkies!!

I really hope Alexis doesn't mind that I'm only spending like two hours in the library at a time... while on aim... and listening to music.

I wonder if the distractions are detracting from my productivity. I guess the real question at the moment is "Do I care?" And the answer is a resounding (reverberating, loud in not cacophonous) No, especially when that two hours was spent talking to Silent Magi which hasn't occurred in quite some time. I really need to send him StepMania. I wonder what shipping costs are to India?

I suppose the pertinent question shall soon become what exactly Alexis is expecting volume-wise from me on a daily or weekly basis. Isn't it enough that I have to turn in like three 5-10 page papers to her three days after my birthday? I really doubt that she'll be so strict. I bet this is the easiest as well as the most beneficial A I shall receive. I need to do more classes with her.

Noticed the other day that I've lost weight. Maybe there is something to this diet and exercise thing. Shirts are starting to fit better. Sexiness quotient is on the rise. :)
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